Our Cynosure Partnership

At Wrapture Beauty Academy, we are proud of our continued partnership with Cynosure, the world leader, innovator, developer, and best-in-class creator of laser and other energy-based medical esthetic treatment systems. We introduced Cynosure treatments to Manitoba many years ago through our affiliate partner, Total Wrapture Medi Spa, as the first beauty professional to operate them here.

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What concerns do Cynosure laser and energy-based devices treat?

Cynosure develops and manufactures a diverse range of leading treatment applications of laser, radiofrequency, and intense-pulse-lighting technology for hair removal, skin revitalization, scar and stretch mark reduction, body contouring, skin tightening, cellulite, and more. 

Why Cynosure?

As laser and other energy devices from unknown or disreputable manufacturers are starting to become more available, so is the increase of unfortunate laser results ranging from ineffectiveness to skin injuries. Your clients’ safety and the effectiveness of the treatments we teach is our priority. Cynosure is registered with Health Canada and continues to be an industry leader in excellence in energy-based systems representing advanced levels of scientific technologies. They are constantly looking forward to stay one step ahead of the industry while bringing users and providers the latest in treatments.

woman performing laser hair removal


This multi-use system produces laser microcolumns that penetrate at different depths into the epidermis or dermis (deeper skin layer under the epidermis) and provokes production of elastin to ‘push up’ indented skin or deep pigmentation.

With different applications such as intense pulse lighting, it can also impair unwanted hair follicles or constrict broken blood vessels to treat surface concerns. It treats both the face and the body.

What it treats:

  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Stretch Marks
  • Scars caused by trauma, surgery, and other conditions
  • Wrinkles
  • Pigmentation: Melasma, Sun spots and Age Spots: on the face, hands, and décolletage, Redness and Rosacea

How do laser and other energy-based treatments work?


Laser causes gentle, intentional injury to a targeted layer of the skin. This triggers it to naturally enter repair mode and rebuild skin cells that produce more collagen and elastin which results in smoother skin.

Depending on the type of treatment, light waves penetrate at different depths of the epidermis or dermis to best treat the targeted concern.

For example, Fractional Laser goes deeper into the dermis and triggers elastin which repairs surgery scars or smoothes-out stretch marks and wrinkles. PicoSure removes tattoos with pressure waves that shatter ink into micro-particles that are reabsorbed and eliminated by the body.

Intense Pulse Lighting (I.P.L.):

I.P.L. photofacials seek out and constrict broken capillaries and pigment on the top layer of the skin. Imperfections such as sun spots, redness, and little veins around the nose are naturally reabsorbed and flushed away by the body, resulting in a smooth, even skin texture.

Using a different handpiece energy converter, it also impairs unwanted hair follicles for permanent hair removal.


Radiofrequency or RF uses heat, rather than light, to trigger the body’s natural responses. It is best suited for skin tightening and body sculpting. It delivers spectacular jawlines, underarms, stomachs, buttocks and thighs.

Destroyed fat cells are naturally expelled by the body and skin noticeably tightens up to firm and sculpt. It is also a sought-after treatment for reducing cellulitedark circles, and undereye bags.

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