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Angela owner of Wrapture Beauty Academy

Angela D.


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Wrapture Beauty Academy, formerly known as the iBrow Academy, was founded by Angela Dean, who is the owner and operator of Total Wrapture Medi Spa along with her husband, Michael Dean. Angela believes in the importance of ongoing growth.

Encouraging both individual and corporate growth is a central part of the culture at Total Wrapture Medi Spa, and this is reflected in the educational philosophy of Wrapture Beauty Academy. The focus on a growth mindset is a founding principle on which the academy was built.

Above all, Angela continuously cultivates and motivates a high-performance team of experienced educators to deliver the highest quality of education to students at Wrapture Beauty Academy.

I encourage you to invest in your own personal growth, continue advancing your education, and embrace forward movement as you plan your future.” – Angela

Angela owner of Wrapture Beauty Academy

Jenna L.

Program Director

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Jenna is the director of Wrapture Beauty Academy where she has been developing  programs and courses since 2017. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Manitoba, where she majored in genetics with minors in chemistry, microbiology and anthropology.

“I love helping students to achieve their individual career goals. It is fulfilling to assist in the curation of each student’s journey knowing that they are headed toward exciting career development.” – Jenna

Angela owner of Wrapture Beauty Academy

Melanie F.

Lead Educator

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​​With an illustrious career spanning close to four decades, Melanie represents expertise and innovation in the realm of esthetics. As the lead educator at our beauty academy, Melanie brings a wealth of experience garnered from her multifaceted journey as a medical esthetician and an unwavering commitment to cultivating the next generation of beauty professionals.

Melanie’s journey began with a passion for beautiful skin. Her transformative touch as a medical esthetician still earns her resounding acclaim for her mastery of skin and laser treatments. In the realm of education, she has emerged as a trailblazer. She channels her profound insights and hands-on experience to aspiring estheticians and beauty professionals learning new advancements and techniques. 

Melanie’s teaching approach mirrors her own journey: Rooted in excellence and relentlessly innovative. Beyond her impressive skill set, Melanie’s nurturing demeanour creates a supportive environment where students can flourish, ask questions, and experiment fearlessly under her guidance.

“I love sharing my knowledge in ways that each unique student can connect with and make their own. As an educator, it brings me so much pleasure to see my students succeed and grow their careers and businesses after completing a course or program with me.” – Mel

Angela owner of Wrapture Beauty Academy

Shauna M.


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Shauna is an experienced medical esthetician, medi spa manager, nail and skin educator and micropigmentation virtuoso. With two decades as spa manager at Total Wrapture Medi Spa, Shauna has pioneered skin and laser techniques, mastering the first ever CynoSure laser treatments in Manitoba.

Known for her personalized approach, Shauna empowers students not only with technical mastery but also with troubleshooting abilities. In skin care, nail care, and micropigmentation, her artistic flair makes her a sought-after expert in the field.

Shauna’s legacy is one of passion and knowledge shared, evident in the success of her students. Her presence continues to boost our academy, guiding aspiring estheticians to reach new heights in their careers.

“I have had many highlights in my esthetics and educational career, but I enjoy the incredible satisfaction of training and developing new beauty professionals. Whether it is inside the classroom or once they have begun using their new skill, it is important to me to provide my students with individualized support. I take great pride in seeing them go on to master their newly acquired skills.” – Shauna

Angela owner of Wrapture Beauty Academy

Amy P.


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With over a decade as an esthetician and skin technician, Amy’s expertise is renown. As a dedicated manager and lead esthetician at Total Wrapture Medi Spa, she’s a pioneer in advanced skin treatments and laser solutions. Her mastery spans skin tightening, body contouring, laser hair removal, photofacials, and tattoo removal, alongside specialties such dermaplaning and clinical peels.

Amy shares her wealth of knowledge at Wrapture Beauty Academy, inspiring future estheticians and beauty professionals since 2016. Her courses not only instill technical prowess but also offer real-world insights drawn from her extensive experience.

Amy’s commitment to excellence extends beyond her teaching role—she continues to provide cutting-edge treatments to clients, consistently staying at the forefront of industry trends. Amy’s influence as both an accomplished practitioner and dedicated educator solidifies her position as an industry leader, shaping the beauty landscape one treatment and lesson at a time.

“I’ve always had a deep passion for brows and skincare, and being able to share what I know with my students is truly a rewarding experience. Guiding my students through these courses helps them unlock their talent for quality beauty services. It’s not just teaching; it’s a journey we take together to uncover the magic of beauty and self-care. I’m grateful to be able to pass on my knowledge and inspire the next generation of beauty enthusiasts!” – Amy

Angela owner of Wrapture Beauty Academy

Caitlyn A.


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Caitlyn, a distinguished alumna of Wrapture Beauty Academy, is an accomplished lash artist and esthetician. Beyond her sought-after expertise in lash artistry, she is also on the team of estheticians at Total Wrapture Medi Spa.

Her dual engagement as an esthetician and educator equips Caitlyn with a unique perspective. The weekly insights gained from her working at the medi spa, coupled with her deep understanding of evolving trends and client expectations enrich her teaching approach. In the classroom, Caitlyn bridges the gap between theory and real-world application, ensuring her students not only grasp the technicalities, but also comprehend the nuances that define exceptional beauty professionals.

Caitlyn’s ability to seamlessly integrate her hands-on experience into her role as an educator shapes aspiring beauty professionals with a blend of practical insight and innovative techniques.

“The incredible environment created by my colleagues, our students and our alumni continues to inspire me. Their ongoing enthusiasm to stay ahead of the game, learn new services, and return for more education to expand their knowledge and skill set motivates me every day.– Caitlyn


Kelsey M.


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With almost two decades in the beauty industry, Kelsey has always been passionate about its ever-evolving nature, offering continuous learning and innovation opportunities. She is a strong advocate of hands-on learning, believing active engagement is key to absorbing knowledge effectively, a method she successfully applies in her teaching to deepen student connections and enhance their skills.

In her courses, Kelsey focuses on more than just techniques; she highlights the interpersonal aspects of the beauty industry, like meeting new people and nurturing their self-worth through creativity. She appreciates working in the Academy’s professional setting, known for its high standards in sanitation and commitment to excellent education, supported by a team of skilled educators and advisors.

“Esthetics education is the fantastic first step into a wonderful industry,  full of opportunities for growth and creativity. I encourage you to continually keep learning new innovations, embrace the vast opportunities in the field, and most importantly, to enjoy the journey in this vibrant and fulfilling career.”

Angela owner of Wrapture Beauty Academy

Allyn S.

Digital Media Developer

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Allyn is the digital media developer on our marketing team. She graduated from Red River College with diplomas in Civil Engineering Technology and Digital Media Design.

As our digital media developer, Allyn focuses on the creative and technical aspects of media presented by our marketing team.

She works behind the scenes to maintain and manage our website. Allyn also uses her design and photography skills to plan and create content across our websites, emails, and courses.

“I love being able to witness students learning new skills, and especially being able to capture these moments on camera! It’s inspiring to see them grow as students to professionals and entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.” – Allyn

Angela owner of Wrapture Beauty Academy

Nathalie K.

Communications Coordinator & Content Writer

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Nathalie serves as the Communications Coordinator & Content Writer for our dynamic team. A graduate of the University of Manitoba, she holds an inter-faculty English literature degree and a minor in marketing from the I.H. Asper School of Business.

In her multifaceted role, Nathalie gives a voice to our brands’ presence across various channels. She creates content for publications and conceptualizes video projects, guiding stages from pre-production to editing. Nathalie oversees digital engagement calendars and crafts messaging for outbound communications across multiple platforms. She also develops strategic internal communications that strengthen brand cohesion across our departments.

“As a storyteller, I am passionate about weaving narratives that capture who we are and our connection to you—from our dedicated educators and medical estheticians to our students, alumni, medi spa guests, and the visionaries who built our brands to serve our communities. I always enjoy hearing back from everyone in the Wrapture universe, as well as those who are about to join us!” – Nathalie

Angela owner of Wrapture Beauty Academy

Olesia B.

Project Manager

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Olesia is our project manager. She brings a unique blend of academic excellence and practical expertise to our team, having pursued her education in Ukraine at the National Aerospace University. Olesia’s passion for continuous learning and innovative approaches is evident in her work for her dual master’s degrees in management and geo-informational systems and technologies. She further honed her skills with an additional course in project management in IT, keeping her at the forefront of her field.

As a key organizer behind our projects, Olesia’s strategic thinking and meticulous approach to navigating complex challenges keeps our teams’ timelines and projects on track.

“My role revolves around perfecting all processes, and ensuring that every gear runs smoothly to achieve excellence. I’m here to streamline projects and initiatives, to foster an environment of efficiency and collaboration. I find witnessing the cogs of our academy and medi spa working harmoniously together immensely satisfying.” – Olesia