Welcome to Wrapture Beauty Academy! We are rooted in a long history of providing advanced skin care and skin education in Winnipeg. After over a decade of expanding the award-winning Total Wrapture Medi Spa, we responded to the increase in demand for quality beauty training and skin care education in our city and opened the iBrow Academy of Advanced Esthetics in 2016. Seven years later, we returned to our roots with the rebrand of our Winnipeg beauty school to the name Wrapture Beauty Academy.

During the early 2000s, many Winnipeg estheticians were seeking out the latest courses in quality skin care and beauty trends in Toronto or Vancouver. This was adding additional costs and time to their ongoing education. We decided to provide current beauty and medi-esthetic training programs right here in Winnipeg, and stay responsive to ongoing developments in the industry. Our two types of students were estheticians expanding their knowledge and new entrepreneurs getting started in the beauty industry.

Our Philosophy

Wrapture Beauty Academy quickly became known for our student-centred approach and the high level of standard we hold ourselves to. With a constant eye on innovations in the field, we build our courses around the needs of our students and market demand. Our educators each have many years of experience as estheticians and they all still work in the field. On top of teaching technique with expertise, they use their current, practical knowledge to provide valuable insight to our students. High safety standards and quality products are important to us, and we only use the best supplies in the industry that are registered with Health Canada. 

From the Archives: Throwback to our beauty school when it used to be located on Salter Street

The Wrapture Beauty Academy Difference

We champion ongoing education in the field of beauty and skin care, and this begins with our investment in the the continuous advancement of our own educators’ knowledge and skills. Whether that means travelling internationally for device training or taking night classes to update knowledge on the theories of adult education, our educators strive to keep our Winnipeg community on the leading edge.

In this spirit of constant growth and innovation, we added the Esthetician – Skin Care Technician Program that is accredited through Apprenticeship Manitoba to our course menu. With no prerequisites needed, it is quickly becoming a popular choice with persons of all ages, both for career pivots and new careers.

Our knowledge in this industry that we love is exhaustive, and we don’t hesitate to recommend alternative institutions to our students for other areas of interest in beauty.

We are passionate about our role in elevating local knowledge, and take our commitment to our students seriously. For them to succeed, we understand the importance of providing advanced education. Our alumnae and returning students are the ones defining esthetics in our city and province, and we take pride in knowing that they access quality education in our institution. Whether it’s a Fundamental Skin ProgramLash course, or other skill, it is deeply rewarding to add more knowledge to their areas of specialty and see them thrive in their careers and businesses.

From the Archives: Throwback to our beauty school when it used to be located on Salter Street

Who are our students?

Our students are diverse and take a wide range of iBrow Academy courses with varying goals in mind. Of course, we have many graduates of different Esthetics Diploma programs who come to us to specialize in medical esthetics. However, you may be surprised to learn that an increasing amount of medical professionals also take Wrapture Beauty Academy courses as they pivot toward medical esthetics to respond to the growing demand for cosmetic treatments. Some will take courses such as the Laser Technician Program or simply learn specialty skills such as Dermaplaning or Waxing.

However, not all of our courses require a background in esthetics or healthcare! In fact, many of our students are persons who have decided to:

  • Have a career change
  • Start their own businesses
  • Start a side business
  • Earn extra income to support their families.

A person who is passionate about skin care may take a course such as our Clinical Skin Care Program that does not require any pre-requisite knowledge. This equips new entrepreneurs with knowledge of the anatomy of skin and allows them to offer advanced Facial Treatments and Chemical Peels. They may then choose to add on a specialty course such as Brow Artistry to expand their offerings.

From the Archives: When we first opened, our name was The iBrow Academy of Advanced Esthetics

Those who start small and expand

Another popular course is the 5-day Lash Technician Program. This course is often taken by persons wanting to start their own business beginning with one area of specialty. Due to lash enhancement being an in-demand service, it is a great place to start. We see many stay-at-home moms starting a home-based business with this skill as a perfect revenue generator. Others opt to start a little smaller with one area of specialty in lashes such as Lash Extensions or Lash Lifts. Many return when they are ready to expand their businesses to include services such as Microblading or Cosmetic Teeth Whitening.  Whatever the career goals and paths of our students are, it brings us endless fulfillment to be part of their success stories. 

The old days: Our first location on Salter Street!

What is the culture of Wrapture Beauty Academy?

At Wrapture Beauty Academy, we foster a culture centred around what our students want and need. This involves integrity in ensuring that the proper standards of education are met for every individual to achieve success in the real world. No one is simply “part of a course”, but each student is unique to us. They quickly feel comfortable around our educators and are encouraged to ask all the questions they may have. No question is considered unnecessary here, as we have found that everyone learns differently.

Wrapture Beauty Academy students are not afraid of imperfection on the first try, and this is key to skill mastery. Our courses include practise on live models, and we observe an unmistakable growth in self-assurance during this phase. The Academy has a supportive, fun atmosphere that develops confident and highly skilled entrepreneurs.

wrapture beauty academy educators

Our founder, Angie, with some of our educators at our 2023 Open House event

What our students say

It comes as no surprise that Wrapture Beauty Academy’s reputation continues to be recognized with accolades such as the Top Choice Award. Student Denise recalls that “Wrapture Beauty Academy was the first on the list” of specialty-esthetics schools she considered. During her time at Wrapture Beauty Academy, Tara learned a “level of excellence” that she sets as a standard in her own business, and Shayla was encouraged by our “love for educating others and sharing their craft.” Not only are we known for our student-centred approach, but Jhonna notes that “they make you feel like you belong.” We continue to foster this spirit of community and provide resources such as an alumnae group to network and connect with. 

Ongoing support

We love getting to know our students and take great pride in their accomplishments. Seeing them return to take courses and learn new techniques or trends is always a highlight! We stay in contact with them to provide ongoing support in their careers. One student, Bailey, particularly appreciates that “we can contact our instructors if we have any questions and there is a continuous network of support,” while Kera says “I graduated in June 2017 and I still sometimes email or call in with questions.”

brow class winnipeg

From the Archives: Donovan practices brow mapping for perfect waxing symmetry 

Make our success yours!

Whether you are looking to expand into medi-esthetics, start your own lash or brow business, or add on to your skill set, we welcome you to let us help you on your way! We believe that finances should not stand in the way of education, and offer multiple financing options.

You may know exactly what you’re looking for or you may not know exactly where you want to start. Either way, we love receiving your questions and welcome you to ask them at info@wrapturebeautyacademy.com, or call Wrapture Beauty Academy directly at (204) 894-4643. You can now also text us any time at that number! Enjoy perusing our list of courses and find out dates, costs, and other details here. See you soon!