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Micropigmentation Courses

Gloved hands drawing brow strokes using a micropigmentation pen on woman's eyebrows.

Microblading and Shading

This 4-day course teaches you extensive knowledge and offers hands-on experience and an in-depth understanding of the foundations necessary to create the ideal brows through combining methods. 

Learn how to skillfully use a micropigmentation pen to shade and customize your clients’ brows and learn how to combine it with Microblading for further brow design options.

Hands holding brow mapping thread against client's eyebrows


This semi-permanent makeup course offers you the most extensive theory and hands-on training with high-quality standards and ongoing support. 

This technique utilizes specific stroke patterns created with a specially-engineered embroidery blade to shape and fill brows with hair-like, semi-permanent strokes. 

Hands holding black pencil against woman's eyebrows, drawing eyebrow shape onto skin.


In addition to being the perfect accompaniment to Microblading, Shading is an independent method used for creating the popular ombré look.

With our 2 day course (the second day being an optional co-op day) you will gain the knowledge needed to skillfully use a micropigmentation pen for shading and customizing your clients’ brows. You will also learn how to combine it with Microblading for further brow design options.  

Gloved hand gently holding red micropigmentation pen along top lip of female client.

Lip Blush

Learn how to confidently perform semi-permanent lip blush that can last up to 2 years.

Master colour customization to offer a range of options from a light, subtle blush to a more tinted definition using the most cutting-edge technology.  

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