#10D Dermaplaning Blades



  • The ideal shape for dermaplaning
  • Specialized honing for consistency
  • Stainless steel for strength and to retain its sharp edge
  • Polymer coating for ease in gliding over skin’s surface
  • Made in the USA.

*This blade will remain sharp for 1 complete dermaplaning service, provided it’s used at a 45 degree angle. Higher blade angles will result in loss of sharpness with all blades.

We’ve been working with dermaplaning blades since 2005, so we have a lot of experience with a vast number of different surgical & dermaplaning blades. The finest we’ve found are those we offer to our clients.

We wanted a blade that is the ideal shape for safety, comfort, control and maneuverability. Features dermaplaning specific custom honing for a smooth, stay sharp edge. Provides product consistency, reliability & quality control. All at an affordable price.

Custom-designed specifically for DermaplanePro. The #10D blade is a modification of the #10S blade – a shape that we love, but honed to our specifications for greater sharpness*, fabricated from stainless steel for durability & polymer-coated to glide effortlessly on the skin.