Micropigmentation has been a buzzword in the beauty industry in recent years, and with good reason. From microblading to lip blushing and shading, these techniques have carved out a significant niche in today’s in-demand beauty services.

If you have ever been curious about these treatments or considered incorporating them into your beauty profession, this article is for you!


Microblading is a semi-permanent technique for enhancing the appearance of the eyebrows. Using fine, hair-like strokes, a microblading technician creates natural-looking brows that can fill in sparse areas or reshape brows for an improved look. This is a perfect option for those who want to wake up with ready-to-go brows, and this method has become a go-to for its realistic and lasting results.

Lip Blushing

Gone are the days when lip tattoos were associated with bold and unnatural shades or harsh liner. Lip blushing is a modern approach to lip enhancement that subtly boosts the natural lip colour and shapes, giving a slight tint and the illusion of fuller, plumped lips.

Brow Artistry: Nano Brows

Beyond microblading lies the art of brow artistry performed with a nano needle device. This encompasses various techniques such as shading (known for delicately filling in), powder brows (offering a soft pencilled look), and ombre brows (a gradient effect from light to dark). This process features a fine, flexible needle designed to create natural-looking hair strokes or shading. The needle tip dips into pigment, and device-initiated vibration draws the pigment through the cartridge and into the skin, producing natural, flawless results.

Microblading vs. Brow Artistry (Nano Brows)

While both techniques aim to give fuller, more defined eyebrows, there are subtle differences. Microblading uses tiny, hair-like incisions filled with pigment, resulting in natural-looking individual brow hairs. On the other hand, nano brows use a digital machine to deposit pigment, allowing for detailed hair strokes, shading, and gradient effects.

Clients with oily or combination skin may find that microblading fades faster or that some hair strokes blur. Nano brows can be more suitable for such skin types as the technique often holds better and fades more evenly on oily skin.

Why learn multiple techniques? 

Many brow technicians now merge microblading with nano brow shading for enhanced results. Becoming certified in both microblading and nano brows not only diversifies your skill set but also broadens your clientele. Knowing both also allows you to combine techniques for excellent results and ensures that you cater to your varied clients.

Mastering semi-permanent lip blushing in addition to brow enhancement enables you to present a comprehensive semi-permanent makeup service portfolio, facilitating the opportunity to cross-sell beauty-enhancing services to clients

How does semi-permanent makeup work?

Microblading, lip-blushing, and nano brow micropigmentation are semi-permanent makeup techniques that involve depositing pigment into the skin to enhance natural features. 

The pigments are inserted into the upper layers of the skin. Over time, as skin naturally regenerates and sheds, the colour fades, hence the term “semi-permanent.” Touch-ups are necessary with passing time to maintain shape and vibrancy. The gradual fading allows for future adjustments in style and shape, in line with evolving beauty trends and personal preferences.

  • In microblading, a manual tool with fine needles is used to create hair-like strokes on the eyebrows.
  • Nano brow micropigmentation, on the other hand, utilizes a nano-needle and device assistance to deposit pigment, resulting in hair strokes and/or shading.
  • Lip-blushing enhances the natural lip colour, defining and giving them a fuller appearance.
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Benefits of Semi-permanent Makeup for Clients:

Convenience: In our fast-paced, increasingly busy lives, finding ways to reduce time-consuming tasks, like daily makeup application, has become highly sought after, offering individuals more freedom and simplicity in their routines.

Flexibility: As beauty trends evolve, so do personal preferences. Semi-permanent makeup allows clients the ability to modify their brow style as the years pass, in tune with changing styles and what their unique skin and pigment retention allows for.  

Benefits for Beauty Professionals:

Increased Earnings Potential: Semi-permanent makeup, as a high-ticket service, can significantly boost overall income.

Consistent Revenue: The periodic touch-ups required ensure a steady stream of income.

Broadened Client Base: Offering a wider array of services attracts a diverse clientele.

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Boost Your Beauty Career with Micropigmentation

In an industry where relevance is vital, micropigmentation is more than just a fleeting trend. Whether you’re self-employed, looking to elevate your beauty business, or contemplating a lucrative side business, learning these skills can significantly augment your revenue. Enter the world of micropigmentation and watch your professional journey soar!